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Press Release Date: 01/11/2021
Headline: Maintenance, Cleaning and Janitorial Services
Scope of Work/ Terms & Conditions for invitation of bids for Maintenance, Cleaning and Janitorial Services at Embassy of Pakistan, Riyadh

1. Building Maintenance Services:
a) Electro-Mech. .rks (Including Oil & Grease).
b) Plumbing Works.
c) Telephone Exchange Works.
d) Fire Fighting System.
e) Water Supply & its net work.
f) Paint touch-up works.
g) Plants/ Landscaping.
h) Drip irrigation net works.

2. Janitorial Service:

a) Marble, Ceramic or Concrete Tiles floor areas.
b) Vacuum Cleaning of carpeted floors.
c) Cleaning of all toilets, urinals and wash rooms.
d) Cleaning of glazed screens, and doors.
e) Cleaning/ polishing of Elevator.
f) Cleaning of steel/ wooden fences, gates, windows, doors etc.
g) Cleaning of roads.
h) Provision of cleaning materials like toilet paper roll, soap etc.
i) Cleaning of furniture.

3. Provision of material for janitorial services.

4. Manpower

a) Technical /Electric Supervisor : 01
b) Mechanical Technician : 01
c) Plumber : 01
d) Gardener : 01
e) Cleaners : 07

5. The duration of service contract shall be for the period one year and can be extended on mutual agreement.

6. The bidders  should also give references/clientele of their service contract with other establishment etc. 

7. The bidders should also submit duly attested copies of all the documents required by the local laws, such as, company registration etc. 

8. The selection will be made keeping in view the reputation of the company as well as the cost.

9. Bids are scheduled to be opened on 25th January 2021 at 1200 hours at the Chancery. Any bid received after the aforementioned date/time will not be considered.

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