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Press Release Date: 10/04/2020
Headline: Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP) - Public Awareness :
Public awareness regarding use of Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP):

Overseas Pakistanis can raise their issues on the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP) by using the following options:-

1. By using Mobile App (People having smart phones): 
Android Link:

IOS Link:

2. By using Web-Access (People having no smart phones):

3. By Participation in Khuli Kachehris:
Overseas Pakistanis can participate in e-Kachehris which are being scheduled as per SOPs on Facebook, Radio or TV by 24 Federal Organizations/ departments.

4. Manual Complaint lodging facility:
Overseas Pakistanis who are either illiterate or physically challenged, or aged or women/widows can lodge their written complaints as per SOPs through PCP-Dashboards. In this regard, all dashboards of MOFA and its Foreign Mission are authorized to do so.

5.  Help-line for Guidance:

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